• Mohawk carpet installation guidelines
    You can find style, durability, and comfort in the carpets manufactured by Mohawk. Mohawk's fashionable and quality carpet options are designed to meet your modern desires. They also feature the most updated innovations, providing resilience and long lasting comfort.

    The Mohawk carpet flooring collection at Carpet Tucson AZ includes pet-friendly, family friendly carpet choices that are comfortable and durable.

    Mohawk carpet flooring offers a great variety of colors, designs, patterns, and textures from which to choose.

    It's often best to have Mohawk carpet installed by professionals. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering and/or performing Mohawk carpet installation.

    Mohawk carpet installation professionals provide a valuable service. They often will not charge you additional costs and fees related to the removal of old
    Aug 10, 2017
  • Latest carpet trends to change the look of your home
    Stop making the mistake of picking outdated carpet types and choose one of the latest carpet types to modify your home and add a stylish touch to it. Some new carpet varieties that you can choose from are:

    Recycled Carpets:
    Eco-friendly or green carpets are trending with homeowners. Most carpets today are either completely made out of recycled materials or partially made of recycled materials. Manufacturers and homemakers are more focused on the environment than they have been in the past, and this trend will continue to grow over the coming years. None of the other latest carpet trends compare in terms of being friendly to the environment.

    Cut and Loop Carpet:
    These carpet types were much popular a few decades ago and gradually lost their popularity in the 80s. However, these carpet types are making a comeback. Cut and loop carpets offer an
    Aug 03, 2017
  • 5 Tips For Buying The Right Carpet
    Carpet is a textile floor covering mostly used in homes to protect feet from direct contact with cold tiles or concrete flooring. It can also be used to decorate the room with different colors and patterns. Everyone has a unique set of requirements and there is no such thing as the right carpet for everyone.

    Here are five tips everyone will find useful when choosing the right loop carpet in Tucson or textured carpet in Tucson for themselves:

    • Budget - You need to figure out your budget so you can choose the best carpet for your home that you can afford. Compare various carpets from different suppliers. Consider lifetime replacement and maintenance in the given carpet range. Also, requirements are different for different areas of the home. If you have pets and kids, then you should consider carpet tiles, and for a staircase, you should
    Jul 07, 2017
  • Guide to Choosing and Measuring Carpet Flooring
    Carpet flooring can be used in an array of environments, such as your children’s playroom, your hallways or bedrooms. The significant benefit of carpet flooring is that it keeps feet insulated from concrete flooring or cold tiles. Carpet flooring also adds colorful vibrancy to your home decor.

    A number of different textile floor covering options have emerged over the past few years that are available at various prices, discounts, shapes, colors, sizes and quality levels. Ranging from the most expensive carpet flooring to the least expensive options, there are many carpet flooring options to choose from.

    With the size of carpet rolls and a limited workspace, carpet installation and carpet layering can be difficult to do. Textile floor covering is generally 12 feet wide, which makes it difficult to handle.

    The tips mentioned below will help
    May 18, 2017
  • 5 Things Affecting The Cost Of Carpet Installation
    Installing new carpet is an easy solution to adding a touch of style your home. Carpet installation can take less time compared to other home improvement projects such as bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling. Varieties in quality, colors, and designs are based on the size of your budget. If you are planning to install new carpet in your home, there are five things you may need to know about the final cost of carpet installation.

    - You will be charged for removing old carpet, which should factor into the overall budget.

    - The style and type of carpet will have an influence on the cost. You need to consider the size of your budget and where you want to install your carpet. Also, some colors and designs will work better with the rest of your décor than others. You may want to pay a little bit more to get carpet you will like for years.

    Mar 24, 2017