• Carpet Buying Tips: Comparing Affordable & Durable Carpets

    Comparing Affordable & Durable Carpet Flooring Options for Your Home
    There are many carpet flooring fabric options in Tucson today and each brings something different to the table. We compare the most popular carpet flooring fabrics today to help you make an informed decision when picking out carpet flooring for your perfect Tucson home.

    #1: Olefin Carpet Flooring
    Constructed from thermoplastic polymers, olefin can be made to emulate the texture of wool plastics; thus making it a popular carpet flooring option.
    Benefits: Very stain resistant, and does not take on the pigments of stains. It is very resistant to mold and mildew as well, so it can be used in wetter areas.
    Disadvantages: Very low durability; it is not suited for high traffic areas. It is also susceptible to getting dirty easily as it absorbs oils.
    Best for: Outdoors, basements, and humid areas of the house.
    Average estimated price: $1-$2/ sq. ft.

    #2: Triexta Carpet Flooring
    Compared to polyester, Triexta is a more durable and resistant carpet flooring fiber that has been popular in the carpet flooring market recently.
    Benefits: It is resistant to moisture and highly resistant to stains. An eco-friendly carpet flooring option.
    Disadvantages: Does not have a high lustre like polyester, and has not been in production enough to see if it can truly stand the test of time.Best for: Areas with very high traffic.
    Average estimated price: $2.50-$5/ sq. ft.

    #3: Solution-Dyed Polyester Carpet Flooring
    A high density carpet flooring fabric, solution dyed polyester is a form of polyester fabric that has colours that are very difficult to fade away.
    Benefits: Extremely stain resistant, and colors remain for years even under sunlight. It is even bleach resistant. This fabric is eco-friendly as well.
    Disadvantages: It is not the most resilient carpet flooring material in the market and it might not be able to withstand heavy weights.
    Best for: Versatile, and can be used in all areas of the home.
    Average estimated price: From $1.50/sq. ft.

    #4: Nylon Carpet Flooring
    Though nylon carpet flooring has a similar look and feel to polyester, it can be argued to be of a higher quality; thus it is commonly applied in commercial settings.
    Benefits: This carpet flooring fabric is highly resilient, and is the number one choice for areas with high foot traffic. It can keep its shape even after years of being installed. There are also numerous colors and designs readily available in the market today.
    Disadvantages: It is not exactly the most stain resistant, but many manufacturers today use a stain treatment system to create a less absorbent carpet flooring. Comes with a high price.
    Best for: Commercial use, areas with lots of foot traffic.
    Average estimated price: From $3/ sq. ft.

    #5: Natural Fabric Carpet Flooring
    Natural fabrics like cotton or wool are usually not recommended as they usually have exorbitant prices and poor stain resistance and durability.
    Benefits: Very natural fabric textures and colors, usually feels softer.
    Disadvantages: Stain and dirt attractors, does not do well in high foot traffic, and can be costly to maintain.
    Best for: Very small areas of the home – not recommended for installation in the entire house.
    Average estimated price: From $9/sq. ft.

    Synthetic fabric materials are preferred as carpet flooring options for homes in Tucson. At Carpet Tucson AZ, we carry the best brands of synthetic fabric carpet flooring. Contact us today for more information on our carpets and installation services in Tucson.

    Nov 18, 2015
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