• Difference Between Loop and Cut Carpets

    Here at Carpet Tucson AZ, two of the major styles of carpets we offer are cut pile and loop. They are distinguished by the way they are constructed. Some carpets have a unique design to it, like the multi-loop carpet. But at the end of the day almost every carpet is a loop or a cut pile carpet.

    A carpet in a woolen form is a loop carpet. Loop carpets consist of bunches of loops of fiber. There are two different types of loop carpets - level-loop carpets and multi-loop carpets. Level-loop carpets consist of loops that are the same height yet they are usually multi-colored. This type of loop carpet is often called Commercial Carpet and is a durable option. This option is great for family rooms or man-caves. Multi-level loop carpets are also multi-colored but differ in that they consist of several different heights of loops. These loop carpets also offer many designs and patterns and help hide traffic patterns.

    Cut pile, or textured carpet, is a better option for people who have kids or animals because it doesn't snag like loops do. Textured carpet has a casual appearance and will not show vacuum cleaner streaks or footprints, making it a good choice for active areas of your home like the living room. But at times cut pile carpet (textured carpet) can blossom, giving it a frayed look as it wears out. As of now there is no way to rate the performance of a cut pile or a straw type cut pile carpets.

    If you are interested in textured carpet that makes a whole new pattern for residential purposes or a more durable option, like level-loop or multi-level loop carpet, read up on the rest of the carpet fundamentals on our website to get insight into what really affects your carpet and which one is the best option for you in your price range.
    Jan 30, 2017
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