• Know the Common Carpet Specifics

    The best way to ensure that you get the right carpet flooring for your home in Tucson, is to do a thorough research on the carpet flooring specifications. Getting into the technicalities can help you select a higher quality carpets that fits your needs. Here is a list of the most important specifications of carpet flooring available in Tucson.

    1. Face Weight
    In a nutshell, face weight is the weight of 1 square yard of carpet flooring. A higher face weight is usually associated with higher quality and durability, however this might not always be the case. This is because the different carpet flooring fabrics available in Tucson have differing weight densities.

    2. Pile Height
    Pile height indicates the height of the carpet flooring and is usually measured from the surface of the back to the top of the carpet’s pile. Pile heights range from low (1/4 inch), medium (1/4 to ½ inch) and plush (3/4 inch or more). Shorter pile heights generally last longer than plush carpets, however the latter does have a more luxurious feel, which is more popular in Tucson.

    3. Fiber Type
    There are numerous fiber types in the carpet flooring world, and they come in either a synthetic material or natural ones. Synthetic materials includes olefin, solution-dyed polyester and nylon as the more popular ones. Natural materials usually consist of cotton or wool. Synthetic carpet flooring fabric generally last longer are built to be more stain resistant, so synthetic fabric carpet flooring is more widely used in Tucson.

    4. Tuft Twist
    Tuft twists are measurement of how much the tuft fibers of the carpet flooring have been twisted. Tuft twists are rated between 3.0 to 7.5. A rating of 7.0 means that the carpet flooring tufts have been twisted 7 times, leading to a carpet that it more durable and maintains it tuft texture longer. A rating of 3 on the other hand usually means carpet flooring that is unable to withstand areas with higher traffic. A lower rating also leads to a high chance of the carpet flooring fabric untwisting and creating an undesired frizzy texture, which occurs commonly in Tucson.

    5. Underlayment/Carpet Padding
    Carpet flooring installation likely includes an underlayment, which is essentially a cushion between the carpet flooring and the original floor surface. Choosing the right type of underlayment for your carpet flooring is crucial, because it creates the foundation and determines the level of comfort provided when the carpet flooring is stepped on. Carpet Tucson AZ recommends getting a thinner underlayment pads for short-pile carpet flooring and to get thicker ones for plusher carpet flooring.

    We hope this list has helped provide valuable information in your search for carpet flooring in Tucson. At Carpet Tucson AZ, we are happy to be of service if you have any queries with regards to carpet flooring for your Tucson home. Contact Carpet Tucson AZ for excellent carpet flooring recommendations and installation in Tucson today!

    Nov 21, 2015
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