• Latest carpet trends to change the look of your home

    Stop making the mistake of picking outdated carpet types and choose one of the latest carpet types to modify your home and add a stylish touch to it. Some new carpet varieties that you can choose from are:

    Recycled Carpets:
    Eco-friendly or green carpets are trending with homeowners. Most carpets today are either completely made out of recycled materials or partially made of recycled materials. Manufacturers and homemakers are more focused on the environment than they have been in the past, and this trend will continue to grow over the coming years. None of the other latest carpet trends compare in terms of being friendly to the environment.

    Cut and Loop Carpet:
    These carpet types were much popular a few decades ago and gradually lost their popularity in the 80s. However, these carpet types are making a comeback. Cut and loop carpets offer an array of textures and patterns.

    Frieze carpet:
    Most people do not know what frieze carpet is or how they look. Frieze carpets are also known as twist carpets. Each piece of yarn is twisted many times, therefore making it look curly. These carpets have made their entry into the industry relatively recently and are likely to keep trending upward over the next decade or so.

    Carpet Tile Rugs:
    These carpet varieties are flexible. Carpet tile rugs offer an endless amount of possibilities when you link them together. These carpet varieties are especially popular amongst families because if one part of the rug gets damaged, you can replace it with another piece of tile. Rugs have always been in style, and there is no reason why these carpet rugs will lose their popularity.

    If you are looking for the latest carpet trends in Tucson, we can help you figure out which carpet types will work in your home. There is a huge selection of carpet varieties to choose from, and we will bring all of them to your home during a free in-home estimate so that you can see how they look. If you want some of the latest carpet trends in your home, give us a call.
    Aug 03, 2017
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