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Carpet Tucson AZ is Tucson's number 1 source for loop carpet styles. Carpet Tucson AZ has over 1 million feet of in-stock carpets inventoried for Tucson homeowners and businesses. Our locally owned and operated flooring company has more loop styles carpets available than any other Tucson carpet store. Carpet Tucson AZ offers the lowest prices on the industry's top carpet brands. Whether you are looking for multi-level loop carpet or just a basic level loop carpet, Carpet Tucson AZ is likely to have exactly what you are looking for. Best of all we bring all loop carpet samples to you. We offer free in-home carpet estimates for your home or business seven days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Our carpet estimates are complimentary and completely free to Tucson residents.

Loop carpet styles offer several different loop height options. The carpet design experts at Carpet Tucson AZ will help you choose the loop height best for your living conditions and carpet needs. There are many benefits to choosing loop carpet styles. Loop carpets are known for their durability and unique designs. Below are some loop carpet tips to consider when choosing multi-level loop carpets or single-level loop carpets:

Multi-level loop carpets

1. Has several different heights of loops

2. Generally multi-colored

3. Very durable, casual appearance

4. Offered in many unique looking designs and patterns

5. Helps hide traffic patterns

6. Great for family rooms, basements, etc.

Level Loop Carpets

1. Loops are same height and generally multi-colored

2. Usually made from polypropylene (olefin) carpet fibers

3. Casual appearance, but extremely durable

4. Great for family rooms or basements