• Mohawk Flooring: Meet the comfort, style and durability

    For years, Mohawk has been the best quality source of carpet and flooring materials among homeowners. Their award-winning designs and products have made it the most recognizable and respected carpet brand in the industry. And if you are looking for Mohawk carpets in Tucson, Arizona, then you are in luck. Carpet Tucson AZ has a large selection of Mohawk carpet flooring in many different colors, styles, and textures. We offer free Mohawk carpet flooring installation the next day after your free in-home estimate. If you still need convincing before calling us for Mohawk carpet flooring installation, then continue reading about the benefits of Mohawk carpet flooring below:

    American-made product
    With Mohawk carpet flooring, you can rest assured that it is made in America. Your transaction is going to help our economy instead of the economy of a foreign country. On top of that, the quality is sure to make you feel at home and ease.

    Genuine style
    The genuine style is one of the distinct qualities you can surely find in Mohawk carpets in Tucson, Arizona. Their enhanced technology can help keep your carpet clean for many years to come. Mohawk carpet flooring is at the top of today's flooring market. You can get Mohawk carpet flooring installation with about any variable sizes there is. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you are getting genuine environment-friendly materials. Almost 74% of pre-consumer recycled materials go into the production of Mohawk carpet flooring.

    Durable technology
    Another reason why Mohawk carpet flooring is at the top of the industry is their durable technology such as SmartStrand technology and EverStrand. The former is known for its unbeatable spill protection, stain-resistance, and long-lasting durability. The latter is made from purified PET polyester fiber, which means it is easier to clean and maintain. The beautiful Mohawk carpet colors will definitely remain in top shape.
    Oct 17, 2017
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