• The Best Carpet Types for Homes in Tucson

    Are you a new homeowner in Tucson who’s in the process of renovating? Or are you just looking to revamp your current Tucson home? Getting carpet flooring might just be your best option to add the plush factor into your homes. We take a look at which carpet flooring types are best for homes in Tucson. 

    A Look at Tucson’s Climate:
    Tucson has a desert climate which typically means that there is very little rainfall, higher temperatures and low humidity levels. Tucson homes have employed the use of air conditioners and humidifiers to counter against the high temperatures outdoors and low humidity. However, between mid-June to end-September, Tucson experiences a monsoon season with heavy rainfalls. This seasonal change in weather has a great impact on deciding the best kind of carpet flooring for homes in Tucson that can withstand the weather fluctuations. 

    Get Resilient Synthetic Fibers:
    Carpet flooring made from synthetic fibers are highly recommended for Tucson homes, as not only are they able to withstand fluctuating temperatures, but they can also remain fade resistant in the face of harsh sunlight. It is generally agreed that synthetic carpet flooring fibers are highly resilient and can handle wear & tear much better than natural fabrics. Solution-dyed polyester and nylon are the most popular fibers for homes in Tucson. Some recommended synthetic fiber carpet flooring available with Carpet Tucson AZ includes Shaw and Mohawk. 

    Choose Lower-Pile Heights:
    Some might comment that higher pile carpet flooring, while plush, usually work best in homes located in colder climates. This is because high-pile carpet flooring are usually installed with thicker underlayment pads, which have higher heat insulation properties. This can be undesirable especially during the warmer seasons in Tucson. However, as many houses are starting to consider indoor air-conditioning at home must-have, having higher pile carpet flooring in possible even in Tucson. 

    Get Anti-Mold and Anti-Mildew Carpet Flooring:
    The outdoor humidity levels are lower in Tucson and many homeowners regularly use humidifiers within their homes to create more optimal living conditions. The use of humidifiers could potentially lead to mold and mildew appearing within homes, especially in areas with higher levels of humidity. It might thus beneficial to invest in carpet flooring that has anti-mildew and anti-mold properties so as to prevent such toxins from developing in the house. 

    Insist on Stain-Proof Treated Carpets:
    As highlighted above, Tucson’s predictably sunny days are replaced by heavy rainfalls in the middle of the year. This means a higher moisture level in the air, and potential muddy shoes or boots coming into homes that might introduce water and dirt to carpet flooring. Stain-proofed carpet flooring can easily ensure that it remains looking fresh over time. 

    In summary, when shopping for carpet flooring that can stand the test of time in Tucson, it is recommended to go for ones made of synthetic fibers, are of a low pile height, are built to be anti-mildew and anti-mold as well as treated to be stain-proof.

    Nov 24, 2015
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