• The Pet-Friendly Carpet Guide

    Pet owners are familiar with the mess that results when carpets and pets are combined. Some have sacrificed the comforts of carpet flooring just to keep their sanity whenever it’s cleaning day. But having pet-friendly carpets installed at home is possible even if you have a dog or cat that sheds fur all day. We look at the benefits and considerations of pet-friendly carpet flooring.

    Why get carpets for pets?
    It can be difficult to visualize that carpets can be pet-friendly, but there are numerous benefits. We all know that pets usually love running or pouncing around at home, so having pet-friendly carpet flooring will help prevent any injuries for them. In addition, carpets are great insulators that can keep pets warm during the winter months when they are usually snuggled up at home.

    To get the most out of pet-friendly carpets however, it’s important to choose the right kind of carpet flooring material. With pets, it makes sense to go for synthetic fibers that are more affordable and pet-friendly. A popular material is nylon carpets, which is durable and stain-resistant. Chemical compounds emitted from pet-friendly carpet flooring are a common worry among pet owners but this is avoidable if good quality synthetic pet-friendly carpet from a trusted eco-friendly brand is installed.

    Picking the right type of carpet can also help lessen pet-related headaches. High-pile and plush carpets have a tendency to hold on to dirt and dust more easily, so the frequency of vacuuming or steam cleaning will have to increase. Low-pile rugs are a recommended pet-friendly option. If possible, it can be a good idea to coordinate the color of the carpet with your pet’s fur, which can greatly help reduce the visibility of pet hair that has been shed in between cleaning sessions.

    Cleaning Tips for Pet-Stained Carpets
    Once you’ve got the perfect pet-friendly carpet installed, instilling cleaning habits can ensure that your pet-friendly carpet stays looking like new and less like it has been damaged by mischievous pets. It’s important to always immediately clean up any stains or accidents to prevent them from soaking into the pet-friendly carpets. Make sure to thoroughly clean the area and get rid of any smells – this will stop your pet from making an accident in the same spot again. Cleaning your pet-friendly carpet flooring every other day is recommended.

    The Final Word
    There are many carpet flooring options that are pet-friendly and built to be durable and water resistant. Contrary to what many may think, carpets can be just as easily cleaned as other types of flooring. So go ahead and install a pet-friendly carpet today; you pet might thank you.

    Nov 16, 2015
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