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Carpet Tucson AZ is Tucson's top carpet store and destination for Frieze type carpet brands. We offer the largest selection and lowest prices on Frieze carpets. There are many great advantages to choosing a Frieze carpet from Carpet Tucson AZ. Frieze carpet has always been liked for it's durability.

One of the best elements of Frieze carpet is the way it is constructed to give its unique appearance. It's the construction of Frieze carpet that also adds to its durability. Frieze carpets offers a high twist rate, which means the individual fibers are twisted more tightly. Frieze carpets are also known to be trendy. Frieze trendy carpets have a unique style that looks formal yet fun. Youll likely see it in many new homes. If you want to stay on top of home fashion, Frieze carpets should be your choice.

Frieze carpets is also great for insulation. The high-quality construction of Frieze carpets leads to a dense carpet construction. This gives your home natural insulation, which provides dual benefits. It softens sound and reduces echo from the rooms of your home. Another great benefit of Frieze carpet is it's ability to hide dirt. The thick curly nature of Frieze carpet fibers and the speckled colors do an excellent job of hiding dirt.

Contact us today and we'll bring Frieze carpet samples to your home so you can see these beautiful carpet styles with your lighting, furniture, wall colors and decor. Our free in-home carpet estimates are a complimentary service provided by Carpet Tucson AZ. Here are five things to consider about Frieze carpet:

Frieze Carpet

1. Very textured surface appearance

2. Extremely durable, and excellent wearing

3. Yarns very tightly twisted

4. Will cost more than textured cut pile carpets

5. Great for active areas of the home