• Why frieze carpets have an extremely high twist level

    Carpet Tucson AZ is considered to be one of the best carpet stores in all of Tucson, especially for its Frieze carpet brands and types. They offer you some of the most affordable types of Frieze carpets to choose from.

    Choosing a Frieze carpet from Carpet Tucson AZ comes with its’ advantages, the most significant being its durability. Frieze carpets are known for their longevity.

    Alongside, these carpets offer you a high twist rate. This means that the individual fibers are twisted together tightly and compactly. If you are one of those buyers who are looking for trends, let us tell you that Frieze carpets from Carpet Tucson, AZ offers you some of the trendiest and most updated styles. They display a kind of style which is formal but fun and cool. Many home makers are now choosing Frieze carpets to add style to their floors.

    Frieze carpets are also known for their insulating characteristics. Frieze carpets are made of high-quality construction which adds on to its density, thereby offering your home natural insulation. Frieze carpets also reduce sounds and echo while also possessing the magical ability to hide dirt and stains. The very thick and curly nature of these carpet fibers do the job of making dirt invisible to the naked eye.

    All you need to do is contact us at 520-938-5483 to get a free in-home estimate today. Carpet Tucson AZ provides you the opportunity to check out their beautiful Frieze carpets samples in your own home. We have listed down some of the most significant benefits of buying Frieze carpets from Carpet Tucson AZ:

    - Very textured, knobby surface appearance
    - Extremely durable and excellent wearing
    - Yarns very tightly twisted
    - Will cost more than textured cut pile carpets
    - Ideal for active areas of the home

    Carpet Tucson AZ has access to more than a million square feet of carpet types and brands in stock. You can make your pick from that many carpets of different textures, patterns, colors, and kinds.

    As far as installation of your Frieze carpets is concerned, you don’t have to worry. You can hire professional carpet installers from Carpet Tucson AZ and let them do everything. They ensure you that there will be no extra or hidden costs that you will have to bear. So sit back and let them handle the rest.
    Aug 21, 2017
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